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First week recap

Today marks the last day of my first week here in Warsaw, and so far it is great! I am interning this summer at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, Poland. I am an intern within the Educational Department at the Museum. On the first day, we mainly got to tour the entire museum, from the restaurant to the offices. Then, we explored the main exhibition. The exhibit is very large, it is quite incredible. We probably spent 3 hours in it and there is still a lot I want to take a closer look at. It is very interactive, with a lot of multimedia components. I could see it being a really great museum for children because I think the educational style is very accessible to them. However, as a young adult I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I saw a lot of other adults enjoying it as well. Then, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and today (Friday), I have been working on the program/schedule as well as materials for an upcoming seminar that the Museum is hosting regarding educational methods …