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Half way through update!! +Pictures

Wow, this last month really flew by. I have gotten to do so many cool things here in Warsaw, both related to my internship and outside of it. I figured I would show what I have been up to pictures:

A picture from a few weeks ago when I traveled from Warsaw to Krakow. I went to the Galicia Jewish Museum there, as part of my Independent Project.
Here are some of my favorite parts of the main exhibition at POLIN.

The reconstruction of the Gwozdziec Synagogue that we have at POLIN. It is incredible, and its history has been a big part of my work as of lately (more on that later).

The museum falls under the museum type called "Black Box." It is entirely underground, essentially a giant black box, and all the elements within the exhibition are lit up with spotlights. 

The other interns and I were able to go on a walking tour of Warsaw. The missing brick in this wall (part of the original Warsaw Ghetto wall) now is in the Holocaust Museum in DC.

Those two tall pole type structures …